HideMyAss – Is This The Best VPN Service?

HideMyAss LogoWith internet security and privacy becoming major concerns as computer use becomes almost ubiquitous many people have been turning to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) as a form of expanded security. Many users – both business and personal – have good reason to use a VPN but perhaps are unaware of the benefits or how they work. We took a look at one of the most popular on the market – HideMyAss – and have put together this report to show you what it’s all about, why you need it, and how easy it is to set up. Here is our HideMyAss review…

What is HideMyAss?

HideMyAss (sometimes spelled Hide My Ass) is one of a growing number of VPN services on the market, and is one of the most established and popular with many excellent features and some great customer reviews. What is a VPN? A Virtual Private Network is a method of ensuring that your computer is protected even more than with your already-present security system. It does so in a relatively simple way that we will explain in a moment. The benefits of a VPN such as HideMyAss are many, and for relatively little outlay you get several features that you will find more than useful. You get complete privacy in terms of hidden online identity, you can access banned or restricted content in countries that apply censorship to the internet, and you can enhance your online security even in public WiFi spots, where security is notably lax.

How Does HideMyAss Work?

HideMyAss works as a typical VPN: firstly, when you log on, your computer issues an IP address that identifies you and your computer to the servers you access information by. With HideMyAss this doesn’t happen: what happens is that you are issued an IP address by HideMyAss, one that cannot be traced back to you. They currently have more than 100,000 IP addresses, so you can use a different one whenever you wish. All information passes through their servers on its way to you.

HideMyAss Interface

HideMyAss Interface

Now here’s the interesting bit: the server could be in one of many countries across the world – not necessarily the country you are in. In fact, at the time of writing, the HideMyAss VPN operates via almost 900 servers in more than 200 countries around the world, and you can choose which one to use. So, now that you cannot be tracked to your location you are hidden from the prying eyes of snoopers and hackers who are increasingly prevalent on the internet, and you can browse anonymously without fear of identification.

HideMyAss Sevrer Locations

HideMyAss Server Locations

What is HideMyAss Used For?

As the above section explains the uses of HideMyAss are many, and you will see the benefits the minute you start using it. Firstly, you get the benefit of being anonymous all the time you are on the internet. Whereas the IP address that is issued to your computer is unique and identifies your location, that given to you by HideMyAss could be from any one of the 200 countries we mentioned earlier. Furthermore, it is not in any way linked to you, so you are completely invisible at all times.

The above fact has further benefits: in some countries you will find that certain content is restricted. China – where the infamous ‘Great Firewall’ limits many popular western sites – is a good example, but is certainly not the sole country where censorship is in place. Also, you may find that some content is geographically limited by copyright issues, so you might not be able to watch your favorite show online while on holiday abroad.
How does HideMyAss help overcome these problems? As you can access the service from more than 200 countries you can choose to be anywhere you want: in other words, you don’t have to use a server from the country you are currently in. If you want to watch content that is restricted in your current location you simply choose a server in a country where it is not restricted – the server sending the information now believes you are in that country, not your current one.

So, you are getting the benefit of privacy, anonymity and greater access in countries where censorship or copyright issues may affect your browsing, and all for very little outlay.

How Easy is it to Set Up HideMyAss?

It’s very easy to install and use, and unlike many of its rivals it can be used on many operating systems and the full range of devices. You simply need to create an account or download an app, register for the service and pay the fee, and then follow the start-up instructions on the simple to use dashboard. It really couldn’t be easier, and once you are registered it will be ready for you to use every time. As backup there is plenty of information on the website about setting up, as well as instructions for a manual start-up procedure. There is also a speed test to help you find out what the closest and fastest servers are for you.

HideMyAss Speed Test

HideMyAss Speed Test


There is no doubt that a VPN is fast becoming a necessity for those concerned about security – especially as we are using public WiFi hotspots more readily – and that HideMyAss is among the very best in the business. It works effectively, does not slow your browsing down, and offers perhaps the most extensive server network available. Versatile and easy to use, you will find the benefits of using this well designed VPN to be beyond expectations, and the security aspects to be impressive indeed.

The HideMyAss VPN is a popular choice of VPN for many reasons, and the excellent prices is certainly one: at the time of writing you have a choice of a one month subscription or $9.99, a six month option for $6.99 per month, and a 12 month contract for an impressive $4.99 monthly. These are very competitive prices when compared to the established rivals, and you are getting a great deal of added benefit for your money.

If you use the internet frequently in public WiFi spots or need to use it when traveling HideMyAss will make a very big difference to you, so we recommend you check it out now and get to grips with just how important it is to use a VPN.