The Fastest VPN Solutions

For business and personal users a Virtual Private Network (VPN) has many benefits, and a fast VPN is a further bonus. A VPN is a service that enhances your online security by hiding your identity; it does so by using an IP address and server provided by the VPN service provider, rather than by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Your information will be encrypted, your location hidden and your identity masked, all of which are of particular interest to the many people who browse the internet using a public WiFi hotspot. These networks are unsecured, so a fast VPN will provide added security in a potentially dangerous situation.

Why do you need a fast VPN? You need the fastest VPN you can find because you do not want to slow down your browsing capability, and with some of the less evolved products on the market there can be a notable reduction in speed. You can run a VPN speed test online and see how fast your service is. We took a look at some of the fastest VPN service packages on offer to help you find the best one.


HideMyAss LogoOne of the most popular fast VPN providers is HideMyAss, a long-established package that has been developed over time and that has excellent credentials. One of the main attractions of HideMyAss is that it boasts a vast number of servers – around 500 at last count – in more than 60 countries across the world. This makes it a spectacularly versatile fast VPN service. Furthermore, it can offer around 60,000 anonymous IP addresses, which it claims is the most of any fast VPN provider available. With unlimited bandwidth and the ability to be used on any number of devices it is ideal for the main target market, which is those who use their handheld device in public hotspots. Easy to install and use and very effective indeed, we would not hesitate to recommend it and to be absolutely frank, we cannot fault HideMyAss in any way at all.

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VyprVPN LogoPerhaps the main rival to HideMyAss is VyprVPN, another of the market leading fast VPN services. When it comes to VPN speed VyprVPN makes a claim to be one of the fastest of all, and we can confirm it is very fast indeed. If you are looking for a unique selling point for your VPN choice then VyprVPN has one: rather than use servers that are operated by a third party, as most VPN services do, VyprVPN has only dedicated in-house servers, this guaranteeing greater privacy as there will be no outside interference, plus smooth operation and faster speeds. Indeed, everything at VyprVPN – even the writing of the code – is done in-house, as it believes this guarantees its clients the service they deserve. Although the servers are only in 13 countries the added benefit of personal operation is something that we value, and it comes along with all the usual benefits of a fast VPN. VyprVPN comes highly recommended and deserves a place on our list.

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Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield LogoHotspot Shield is another of the more popular fast VPN services, and offers the usual range of features such as anonymity, encryption and overcoming geo-restrictions, at an excellent price and with some impressive guarantees. The Hotspot Shield Elite service – as opposed the usable but limited free download – is a versatile and efficient fast VPN that ticks all the boxes, although unlike HideMyAss with its vast amount of servers and VyprVPN with its in-house policy, there is no one aspect that stands out. Hotspot Shield is a very good VPN service, however, and provides great security when used via a WiFi hotspot. One area in which it does win is price, as it works out a little cheaper than the main rivals. We would happily recommend that you consider Hotspot Shield when looking for a VPN service, and it does a fine job in all areas.

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IPVanish LogoThe long established IPVanish is the fourth of our choice of fast VPN services, and has many thousands of users who are satisfied with its performance. As the name says, IPVanish is targeted at those who want their online identity to be masked, and it does so very effectively. It is perfect for use in WiFi hotspots where security is lax, and there are no notable speed deficits when using it. Encryption is guaranteed, and it has a good number of servers in many locations across the world. IPVanish makes a promise of being able to steam videos or transfer data anywhere in the world – a bold claim if ever there was one – and we found it easy to use and well-optimized for handheld devices. Does it match up to the three above? Perhaps not in some areas, but as a usable and effective fast VPN it is certainly worthy of inclusion in this review.

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In our quest to find the fastest VPN pro we chose four of the best-known brands on the market, and each has its own notable and impressive attributes. None of the four above should be dismissed as they all do the jobs they are designed for, but it must be said that some have greater attractions than others. IPVanish has been around for a long time and, perhaps as a result, is maybe not as advanced as its rivals. It is well priced, however, and reliable. Hotspot Shield is, without any doubt, a very good fast VPN service. It’s a good all-rounder without standing out in any particular area, and provides a great service at a very good price, while VyprVPN does stand out thanks to its unique attribute of having entirely in-house servers and no third party interference.

In our eyes, however, the winner and the best fast VPN provider has to be HideMyAss; it is great value, tried and tested and reliable, and wins for use because of its ease of use and effectiveness as well as offering access to a simply colossal number of servers in an amazing variety of countries across the world, which makes it more versatile than any of its otherwise excellent rivals.