How to Overcome Geo-Restrictions on Your Apple TV & Other Media Players

Streaming television shows and movies to a laptop or tablet is becoming ever more popular, and the number of channels that can be accessed is growing all the time. The convenience of being able to access such content, and also the ability – thanks to affordable devices – to cast the content to a television screen makes for a more pleasurable viewing experience, but what happens when you find you can’t access what you want from where you are? This is where Unlocator comes in: let’s have a closer look at what it’s all about.

What is Unlocator?

In many countries you may find that certain content is restricted; this sort of geographical censorship is rife across the world. Furthermore, some content may be limited in certain areas thanks to copyright issues, so what do you do if you want to view, say, Apple TV – a great channel – and you can’t access it from your location? You use Unlocator, a smart DNS service that bypasses the restrictions and allows you access to your desired content. DNS services are rapidly taking over from Virtual Private Networks as they are easier to use and offer further benefits, and with Unlocator Apple TV can be accessed wherever you are, whenever you want.

How Does it Work?

How to Overcome Geo-Restrictions on Your Apple TVBy using Unlocator Apple TV is streamed to your device via a series of servers, just as all data that we access is. The geo-restricted content is accessed in a clever, yet simple fashion. Whenever you access data – say a movie – on Apple TV it will be sent to you from the company server. However, that server needs to connect with another to complete the transaction, and if it sees that you are in a restricted area, you will not get what you want. What Unlocator does is change the stated location of your computer to one where the content is allowed; in effect, it fools the hardware into believing you are not in a restricted area.

This Sounds Complex!

In fact, it’s extremely simple: you follow the instructions on the Unlocator website, which are very easy to understand, and you are effectively ready to use the system to access not just Apple TV, but many other channels such as Netflix and Hulu that may be restricted where you are. It’s great for those who travel a lot to different countries – you never need to miss an episode of your favorite show – affordable and effective. In short, Unlocator is something that, once you try it, you won’t be able to do without.

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