How to Access / Watch Netflix From Anywhere in The World

Can’t Watch Netflix Where You Are?

These days we don’t have to turn on the TV to watch a movie or a show; streaming content to a tablet or computer – or even a smartphone – is as simple as it can be, and is becoming a very popular way of viewing content. Among the many services that offer great deals on movies and TV shows is Netflix: with a choice of popular mainstream content and many recent releases, Netflix ix an easy to use and affordable package, yet thanks to the growing practice of restricting content geographically, there are many countries across the world where it cannot be accessed. This is not great news for those who travel a lot, but with Unlocator the problem may be solved.

How Unlocator Works

Access Netflix Wherever You May BeFirst and foremost, Unlocator does not require any special hardware. It runs on most devices and is simple to set up. How does it work? Many countries have restricted content from others – China is famous for its ‘Great Firewall’ which blocks a large section of Western content, for example – and in some countries copyright laws may mean that certain programs and movies cannot be shown. Now, bear in mind that, whenever your access data via your computer, you connect first to your service provider’s server; this will, in turn, ‘talk’ to the server providing the information you require – in this case, a movie. If that server finds you are not in a country where access is allowed it will not be processed. What Unlocator does is change the location of your server; in other words, it makes the other servers believe that you are in a country where access is allowed.

Unlocator & Netflix

Using Unlocator to access Netflix is simple; once you have downloaded the service from the Unlocator website your router will be fed with new details. You can change it manually if you wish, but it is advisable to have someone handy who knows what they are doing! You can then use your Unlocator Netflix connection to stream whatever you want, as the server believes you are in, say, the USA when in fact you are currently in a geo-restricted country. It’s very clever, very simple and very efficient. Bear in mind, however, that Unlocator is not a Virtual Private Network: a VPN works on a different principle and, while they do have their advantages, the current school of thought is that Unlocator, a smart DNS, is a better, faster and more reliable choice for those who need to access content in geo-restricted countries.

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