The Basics of Online Privacy

The amount of time each of us spends online, whether at work or on a personal level, has escalated rapidly in the past few years, especially thanks to the advent of efficient and useable handheld smart phones and tablets. With public Wi-Fi hotspots appearing in shops, bars and cafes it has never been easier to get online, but have you stopped to consider your online privacy?

A public WiFi connection is unsecured, unlike your home or office network that requires a secure password; this means that it is the easiest way for those with ill intent to get hold of your personal information. You think it won’t happen to you? It’s a very real threat, and one that you need to think very carefully about.

Who Wants My Information?

Online PrivacyThe simple fact is that we transmit a lot of personal and sensitive information across the internet on a regular basis: how many of use bank online, shop online, or share addresses and other information in emails? Some people are keen to get hold of others identities, bank details and so on, for illicit reasons, and some of the biggest companies in the world have been targeted by hackers successfully.

What can you do to improve your online privacy and security? Well, to begin with you can take more care in choosing what you share online, make sure your passwords are all different and unique, and be especially careful when in a public place, but you could also invest in a Virtual Private Network, or VPN.

Why Should I Use a VPN?

If you value your online privacy the benefits of a VPN are many. What happens is this: your information will not be directed via your internet service providers DNS servers, but through one that is serviced by the VPN provider. This server, rather than being in a fixed location, could be anywhere you want in the world. Furthermore, your information will be encrypted, none of your internet usage will be logged, and your identity will not be accessible to others. It really is the best way to protect your online privacy, and you will find that an easy to use VPN service like IPVanish, on established in the market, will cost very little compared to the added peace of mind it brings.

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